1. Sufjan Stevens Renames Kitchen Appliances


    Perishables! Come Congregate in the Cold!

    Little Hot Waves, Or, Let’s Get Brain Cancer While We Wait For The Popcorn

    Mix Your Drinks! (Stir! Whip! Purée!)

    A Configuration of Whisks Which, When Activated, Allow Sufjan Stevens to Cook a Fluffier Omelette

    Toaster (For the Toastless)

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  2. Weightless Washed Out

    Keep rising up
    You’re racing towards the stars

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  3. Let No Grief The Wild Reeds

    Maybe one day you’ll wipe the dust off my face
    and see me again

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  4. Ave Crux, spes unica.


  5. "But when I love you, what do I love? It is not physical beauty nor temporal glory nor the brightness of light dear to earthly eyes, nor the sweet melodies of all kinds of songs, nor the gentle odour of flowers and ointments and perfumes, nor manna or honey, nor limbs welcoming the embraces of the flesh; it is not these I love when I love my God. Yet there is a light I love, and a food, and a kind of embrace when I love my God—a light, voice, odour, food, embrace of my inner man, where my soul is floodlit by light which space cannot contain, where there is sound that time cannot seize, where there is a perfume which no breeze disperses, where there is a taste for food no amount of eating can lessen, and where there is a bond of union that no satiety can part. That is what I love when I love my God."
    — St. Augustine

  6. Vessel Dry the River

    These are my words
    This is my mouth
    I don’t want to be a vessel anymore

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  7. "

    Late have I loved you, Beauty so ancient and so new, late have I loved you!

    Lo, you were within,

    but I outside, seeking there for you,

    and upon the shapely things you have made

    I rushed headlong – I, misshapen.

    You were with me, but I was not with you.

    They held me back far from you,

    those things which would have no being,

    were they not in you.

    You called, shouted, broke through my deafness;

    you flared, blazed, banished my blindness;

    you lavished your fragrance, I gasped; and now I pant for you;

    I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst;

    you touched me, and I burned for your peace.

    — St. Augustine

  8. Civilian Wye Oak

    I know my thoughts
    But I can’t hide them

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  9. "For The LORD will not cast off his people,/ nor abandon his inheritance;/ But judgment shall again be with justice,/ and all the upright of heart shall follow it."
    — Psalm 94
  10. This was Monday, the 14th of July in the year 2014.

    After snapping the photo of my office building, I walked into quite a doozy of a work day and forgot I had decided to document my day in photos (shout out to this phone that’s a 10 year improvement on the ol’ BlackBerry!). So there’s about a twelve hour gap between the second-to-last and last photos, but I don’t care at this point because it’s so darned good to be home.

  11. Mexicali, July 2014.

    On this super quick trip we enjoyed some magnificent skies, beautiful triple digit temperatures, and some much needed Mexican Chinese food. But my niece and nephews stole the show. They are so bright and so loving, and not to mention the adorable factor. I mean, look at ‘em.

    *The second photo is mostly there to prove that I am my abuelitos’ favorite grandchild because I’m the only one whose photo is found in their bedroom.

  12. The One Where Kelli Graduated UCLA and I Forced Everyone to Celebrate at Craft & Commerce.

  13. My Silver Lining First Aid Kit

    I hear a voice calling
    Calling out for me
    These shackles I’ve made in an attempt to be free
    Be it for reason, be it for love
    I won’t take the easy road

  14. Gethsemane Dry the River

    They say it’s just the sun
    But I know that face

  15. A piece of my heart and a bit of my soul are still there, I am sure of it. Peru por siempre.